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Innovation Gym: Time to Start!

Innovation Gym, founded by Michael Boscato, is a personal training studio in Laval specializing in weight loss and building muscle for individuals and private groups. Innovation Gym is bringing back the science in training to residents of Laval.
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Our services are ideal for those who want to…

Look good, feel great, lose weight and fat

De-stress, improve mood and boost confidence

Prevent injuries, improve posture and learn proper form

Increase strength, muscle mass, tone, and definition

Improve sport specific performance and skills

Save time and money, follow a plan and stick to a schedule

Slow the progression of heart disease and diabetes

Reduce the risk of common, chronic diseases

Help lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Slow the aging process, boost energy and vitality

Improve mobility and increase flexibility

Increase bone mineral density

Our Mission

Is to improve the physical and mental health of our clients as efficiently as possible in a lifelong and sustainable manner.

About Innovation Gym

We are passionate about understanding the human body from the molecular to the anatomical level. We prescribe state of the art techniques that will give you optimal results in less time. On average 90% of clients see significant results within just 3 sessions. Disruption of your homeostasis is our pleasure!

Here at Innovation Gym results are commonplace. We use the best equipment available and couple it with our leading edge training techniques, which are nothing like what you find in the media, to deliver a workout that is second to none. When was the last time you could say you felt amazing both inside and out? No more excuses. Time to start!

What our customers have to say:

I trained with Mike for a short period and it was a positive experience in every aspect. He is generous with his time and knowledge. His approach was simple, individualized, safe and complete. I acquired certain knowledge that even with my conventional medical background, was new and interesting (which made for enjoyable exchanges between us!). His workouts were motivating and intense. They awoke curiosity and drive in my exercise regime. His knowledge in health and nutrition are up to date and is always willing to discuss these matters openly. He evokes passion with his work and captures interest and drive in each of his training sessions. Thank you Mike for your professionalism and friendship.
*Santa Lisio, Owner and Physiotherapist of Kinatex Clinic
Mike takes his profession seriously; he is innovative and uses an interesting technique and approach to his fitness program. His full knowledge of anatomy allows him to properly structure a program which is ideally suited to one’s needs. He is attentive, noting your exercise likes and dislikes. He does not hesitate to modify your program accordingly. In essence, there are no routines with Mike since his program is constantly evolving and changing in order to eliminate any possibility of monotony. His aim, which he accomplishes, is to have you achieve a maximum benefit utilizing a minimum of effort. This is greatly appreciated by people in my age group. Mike is definitely on top of his game.
*Charlie Albano, Owner of Construction Triad-APG
As a business owner, the most important asset I have is my time, which is why Mike’s extremely efficient workouts are so valuable to me. He is well educated and can deliver an excellent workout with minimal time investment. He utilizes leading edge techniques and results are produced very quickly with his routines. Highly recommended.
*Bruno Pompa, Owner of Airlie Auto Inc.

*DISCLAIMER: Your specific results may vary and are not guaranteed.