Michael BoscatoPresident and Founder
Mike was always more interested in fitness and health than anything else. Constantly searching for answers in exercise and nutrition. Fortunately, he remained keenly aware of the importance of understanding business and finance as well, should he one day wish to open his dream company…

Starting in the early 2000’s he helped people from all walks of life attain their fitness goals. Whether losing weight, reversing their diabetes, becoming more muscular, recovering from anorexia, becoming more mobile, improving their odds after open heart surgery, reducing lower back pain, or just feeling better, he never gave up on his clients. He did all this in the comfort of their homes or offices.

Eventually, his reputation began to precede him and he found himself with a waiting list of clients for each day of the week. Finally, after 10 years of serving clients in their homes, Mike reached the point of facing far more demand than he could ever handle on his own. It was then that he made the decision to cease taking on new clients in their homes and start having them come to him. Innovation Gym was born!

Now, with the help of his team, more people than ever before stand to benefit from his drive, knowledge, experience and compassion.

IART Certified Fitness Clinician
B.Comm. Finance from J.M.S.B.