I’ve been working out at Innovation Gym for 8 months now and honestly I didn’t know if it would work for me there, only 1hour per week? Now I can honestly say that it has. The trainers there (Akhalia & Mike) really look out for you and are always eager to help and guide you. I’m well on my way to lose all that unwanted weight and get fit and healthier. I’ve lost close to 30lbs now. Look no further, you’ve found the right place to train! You will be happy you came…every time.

*Suzy V., Franchise Recruiter and Developer, Kumon Canada Inc.

I trained with Mike for a short period and it was a positive experience in every aspect. He is generous with his time and knowledge. His approach was simple, individualized, safe and complete. I acquired certain knowledge that even with my conventional medical background, was new and interesting (which made for enjoyable exchanges between us!). His workouts were motivating and intense. They awoke curiosity and drive in my exercise regime. His knowledge in health and nutrition are up to date and is always willing to discuss these matters openly. He evokes passion with his work and captures interest and drive in each of his training sessions. Thank you Mike for your professionalism and friendship.

*Santa Lisio, Owner & Physiotherapist of Kinatex Clinic

Michael is an enthusiastic and passionate person, he is extremely knowledgeable about food and exercise.  He has a unique program that can help anyone achieve their goals, I would recommend it to all. I really like their faculties, they are very clean and they can work with any schedule.

Akhalia is such a joy to work with.  She is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with.  I was very new at resistance training, but she was very patient and very motivating.  She knew exactly how to guide me to do the exercises properly and get the full effect desired.

*Evie Kokkinos, Senior Interior Designer, Business Aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace
Aside from knowing how to help you eat properly and train regularly and efficiently, Mike also has the ability to adapt to his client. He is patient, yet firm, knowledgable and most importantly, resourceful. He goes that extra mile, and today, that’s a rare commodity. I highly recommend his services. Thanks Mike!
*Suzanne Charbonneau, Full Time Analyst, Cake Business Owner & Busy Mother of 2

My journey towards better health and weight loss began with Mike. His infinite knowledge of nutrition coupled with strength training is exceptional. Thanks to his persistence, patience and perseverance, I was able to consistently see my body shrinking and toning at the same time. I haven’t been sick in 2 years and never felt more energy and I truly believe it has to do with the simple and easy to follow nutrition method that Mike explains.

Akhalia at Innovation Gym has been a breath of fresh air for me! She is encouraging, fun and she knows when I can do more so  she pushes me to the max- something I wouldn’t do if I was working out alone. 

She is insightful and intuitive when it comes to preparing my workout for the day and follows up with me to ensure I keep on track with my eating habits. It’s rarely the same exercise; Akhalia creates a variety of options when it comes to the workout session to work on different muscles and always keeps it interesting! I have lost weight and I’m seeing the results of my body changing – finally I’m getting toned and that’s going once a week! If you want to attain your goal of weight loss, keeping it off and toning up, I highly recommend taking Akhalia as a coach. I always look forward to working out with her as my trainer.

*Antonella Palmieri, Working mother of 2
Twelve years ago I suffered from severe back problems. It eventually got better and stayed that way for many years. However, for the past year and a half the pain resurfaced. Michael had spoken to me about the benefits of his program so I decided to put it to the test. After the first two sessions with him I immediately felt better! Not slightly, completely! My back stopped hurting and I continued with his program because I did not want to feel pain again. My back is now much stronger and so is the rest of my body. Every session he would discuss nutrition while we trained. I began to understand that “diets” are frustrating and not long term. Michael taught me to look at food in a different light and I am getting the results I want without the frustration. Thanks Michael for re-inventing the “personal trainer” in the truest sense of the words!
*Paola M. Young, Executive Director

For as long as I can remember, I was working out five to six days a week. I was constantly polluting my body with unnecessary protein shakes and pills. My weight would constantly fluctuate and I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. I went as far as training for the Bikini Fitness model competition. It was 6 months of training minimum 2 hrs a day. I had no life and I was miserable because I couldn’t eat anything that I liked.  March 2014 I met Mike, the changes produced by his work were noticeable within a month. The difference you might ask? Mike! He doesn’t tell you what to do or eat, he teaches you a proper workout and good nutrition. He doesn’t rely on chemical gimmicks for results. His passion motivated me to become better. Today I’m stronger than I ever was, looking the way I want while devoting less time than ever to the gym!

*Rosanna Cerro, Aerospace Engineer

After having my second child, I was lacking the motivation I needed to get back into shape. Although I thought he was nuts at first, I gave his program a try. The results have been incredible and I feel great! I’ve lost weight, gained energy, and said goodbye to aches and pains. The once a week schedule is ideal for my busy family and the nutrition plan left me full daily (instead of constantly starving!). Thank you Mike!

*Cinthia Cabral, Business Expert, Group Benefits, SunLife Financial
Michael’s knowledge on healthy eating and fitness is remarkable. He is the real meaning of a PERSONAL TRAINER. He has the ability to schedule the workout according to the mood that you are in and yet still deliver a complete workout. Before you know it the hour has passed. He is amazing!!!!!!
*Anna Cerrelli, Administrator of Cuisines Crotone Inc.
When I first reached out to Michael, it was more on the terms of a consultation in order to find out if a personal trainer could help me in achieving my personal fitness goals. I thought that I would meet with him once, get my routine down and just continue on my own using his fitness tips and training routine. Well, boy was I wrong. That was 7 months ago and I just cannot get enough of my sessions with Michael. After only my first session, my body felt alive for the first time in a long time. I was hooked! Michael is unlike any of the other trainers I have tried. Michael truly cares about his clients’ success! Michael pays close attention to every move I make ensuring that I am doing it right. He educates me on what I am doing so that everything just makes total sense! He is constantly evolving my workout so as to keep my muscles alert and my routine from getting boring. Above all, he is a total delight to workout with! Since starting with Michael, not only have I shed pounds, but my body feels more trim and fit! Thank you Michael!
*Brenda Stopek, Marketing Coordinator, CGI Group Inc.
Who knew you can eat plenty of carbs and still lose weight? Mike changed my biased mind regarding weight loss and diet by educating me with facts and the science behind fat loss.
*Sonia Rotondo, Lawyer
Resistance training skills can and should be learned by everyone who wishes to improve their fitness level. In his unique way, Michael provides the framework that makes being fit an integral part of life. He is passionate about his work and makes exercising fun while providing his insights on how the body works, the food we love to eat and anything else related and not related to exercising that he chooses to entertain me with!
*Anna Testa, Business Systems Manager, Covidien Inc.
Une heure d’entraînement avec Michael est loin d’être routinier et/ou ennuyant. Il sait exactement quel exercise apporte le meilleur résultat, et lorsqu’on vient à bout de bien maîtriser certaines techniques, il va en changer les composantes. Naturellement, pour “notre” bien! Mais c’est ça que je veux de mon entraîneur. Son sens de l’humour rends ma période d’entraînement plus agréable.
*Louise H, Administrative Assistant, SNC-Lavalin Inc.
I started training with Mike in order to achieve a very specific weight loss goal. Mike’s professionalism as well as his knowledge of nutrition has made me want to continue training with him much longer than initially planned. His enthusiasm and dedication to his job and clients is extremely motivating not to mention he’s hilarious! This is my first experience with a personal trainer and it has been a great one. Thanks Mike!
*Anna Sollazzo, Lawyer
I think Mike and I could agree that this testimonial is long overdue. I have been training with Mike for over a year now which means that is has been over a year that I have been asking him on a weekly basis “Do I look skinnier?” Truth is, I’ve never felt more healthy and in shape. He takes the time to properly explain each exercise in order to achieve the best possible workout. Even though we never seem to arrive at the same count on reps, he takes the time to adapt the workout to me as I tend to get bored easily. This personalized touch is why I have been able to achieve optimal results and more importantly, is why I have been able to keep these workouts consistent.
*Mattia Maria Puccio, Notary
Mike is a wonderful trainer. Not only does he make you feel comfortable but he also makes you feel strong. I always noticed my strength and endurance changing from week to week! His exercises are simple yet very effective. How can such a slow movement bring on such pain! Good pain of course! He teaches you about nutrition and how to read labels differently. Mike, thanks so much for your help! I am down about 18 pounds and counting!
*Angie Kotsiras, Management Information Systems Specialist
I learned so much training with Mike, his wealth of information on nutrition, the body, and general health were remarkable. He provided me with some eye opening facts that will surely change the way I eat forever. Mike’s dedication to his clients is truly special, he takes the time to make sure your form is correct and seeks to understand your goals.
*Karina F., Human Resource Professional
Avec Mike, tout est vraiment génial ! Tellement génial, qu’il est planifié dans mon horaire pour… toute ma vie 🙂 You’re the best!
*Solène Héliou, Ingénieure et mère de deux enfants
After trying many diets, and training programs, Mike’s advice helped me successfully lose 60 pounds, and gain muscle mass. I’ve never felt better!
*Sonya Stamegna, Director, Shared Services, ADP
You should try him before he’s fully booked!
*Mellissa Tavan, Business Analyst
Having never struggled with my weight, I never felt the need to work out or live an active life. It was only once I was introduced to Mike that the idea of being healthy began to sound a little more important. Health and fitness is about so much more than just body weight. Mike’s expertise in exercise and diet has led me toward a path I would have once ignored.

Over the past two years my friends, family and I are shocked to see the mental and physical progress I’ve achieved. Without Mike’s dedication, I would still be eating monthly Big Macs while justifying and excusing my habits. I couldn’t thank Mike enough for passing his knowledge on to me, making me stronger, more muscular, and most importantly conscious of what fitness really means. Achieving health and fitness was something I was only able to accomplish with the assistance of a personal trainer. Not just any trainer though, one that tailors their program to your needs and one that modifies weekly workouts to keep things interesting and motivating. Mike doesn’t allow a session to go by where the pump isn’t the greatest all while ensuring you’re comfortable. Mike has been planning and facilitating my workouts twice weekly for two years now. His new facility has even more to offer and is equalled only by his expert knowledge. With a warm atmosphere and top quality equipment I look forward to the next step in our workout regime. Can’t wait for him to help me attain all of the goals I set out for.

*Erica Albano, Residential Development Sales Coordinator
Mike’s combination of fitness training and weight loss is the complete opposite of anything I have ever done. I feel great, I look fit, and it doesn’t involve a big commitment (train once a week!) and I have been able to maintain my weight longer than any diet or fitness program I have ever done! It is the best thing I ever did for myself 🙂
*Mary Anne DiGenova, Project Manager, Pension Systems Implementation, Xerox
I came across Mike’s website in March 2013 and I decided to give him a call. At that time I had already been suffering from severe lower back pain (due to several disc herniations) for over a year. I met with every possible specialist from chiropractors, physiotherapists to physiatrist and NeuroSurgeons without ANY real success. Mike took me on as a client and treated my case with extreme care and compassion. Mike is very diligent and extremely knowledgeable. He was an essential part of my recovery and I am forever grateful!
*Akhalia Lyall, Mortgage Adjudicator, RBC
I would like to thank Mike for teaching me a new way to eat…I thought it would be difficult at first, instead I have successfully changed my eating habits. I’ve lost 22 pounds and maintained it. I’m in my forties and never thought I would have reached this point in my life where I feel and look better than ever!!!
*Sandra, Private Banking Associate
Before I met Mike I thought I knew enough about nutrition to get me where I wanted to be physically, but I was proven wrong! There are so many myths about nutrition and he opened my eyes to the facts. I see things differently now. My cooking habits and diet have dramatically improved and my workouts are working! They vary from session to session and they get increasingly targeted as time goes on. My objectives are closer than I could ever have imagined and I am extremely happy with the way things have been going.
*Stefania T., MRI Technician
I went for my annual check up/blood test and my doctor told me that my cholesterol was high for my age (25). Mike was recommended to me by a friend and I trained with him 3x per week for 6 weeks. Those workouts were the hardest I have ever worked in my life. He was amazing at customizing the workout to match my needs and preferences. In the process I lost 15 lbs and reached my ideal body weight and brought my cholesterol down to healthy levels. He managed to make exercise fun enough to tolerate it for once!!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs to get healthy 🙂
*Theodora R, Lab Technician, Royal Victoria Hospital
Deciding to work with Mike over four years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my well being. His refreshing approach to weight training and nutrition lead me to develop healthy habits and has allowed me to maintain my weight loss. What I love most about training with Mike is his tailor-made workout plans which he optimizes ongoingly to ensure I get the best out of my sessions every time. He asks the right questions, and takes the time to explain his approach—leading to noticeable results.
*Patricia Albano, Digital Maketing Consultant
As soon as I met Mike, I knew his method was a game changer and different from anyone I ever trained with before. He came into my life and I never looked back! His extensive knowledge on fitness and nutrition is impressive and his easy going personality makes our sessions together really fun! (And he knows just how to whip my butt if I get carried away..) Thanks Mike, you’re a keeper!
*Renée Jahchan, Disability Insurance specialist, Manulife Financial
Initially, I started training with Mike simply to lose weight. Instead, I now have a wealth of knowledge on how to better treat my body. He taught me exactly what my body needs, both nutritionally and physically, and that has proven to be invaluable. Thank you Mike!
*Kate Guzzo , Daycare worker
When I first started with Mike I wondered what I was getting myself into. I quickly saw how very personable and encouraging he was. His professionalism and knowledge coupled with his high degree of empathy and encouragement have kept me going for 4 years. He’s extremely thorough with his nutritional information and has helped me to work around my shortcomings. His patience permits him to repeat the information over and over without breaking his great smile! Every time I leave I’m so glad I did it even though I may have dreaded coming lol. Throughout the process he essentially cured my severe case of frozen shoulder and now years later I feel much better and know that I’m doing a good thing for my body!
*Luisa, Retired Elementary School Teacher

I’ve never received as many compliments on my appearance/body in the last 20 years of dieting and training as I have since I’ve been working with Mike.

Sometime friends will ask me if I’m still with Mike and my response is usually along the lines of, “Yeah! Absolutely; i would never get rid of Mike!”

I have more energy and stamina than ever before even though I’m weight training less often than ever before.

His style of weight training is slow and effective, I never knew what I was doing in the past even with my previous trainer whereas now I feel exactly what I’m supposed to.

I save so much money not buying supplements now that Mike’s sessions actually pay for themselves! I have more at the end of each month even after paying him.

I’ve tried every single diet and now I understand how the human body actually works and what are the proper foods to fuel it.

*Josie C., Mother of Three

I have been training with mike now for the past 2 years. I have lost over 25 pounds. Mike approach is the perfect balance between eating well and exercise. It has taught me how to live a healthy life style. Eat good! Look good! Feel good!

*Nadia Zingaro, Mother of Three

I have been training with Mike for 2 years on a weekly basis.   I regularly work out at a gym, and weigh training with Mike complements my cardio workouts at the gym.

Even though I only train with him once a week, I am very happy with the positive results.  He is very knowledgeable and keeps up to date in all areas of fitness, nutrition and health and is always eager to share his findings and provide advice.  Mike is very enthusiastic and driven and knows how to instill this motivation in his clients.  I believed I was doing well weight training on my own at the gym until I started training with Mike!  The ultimate goal of exercising is to obtain a healthy lifestyle, and see positive results and this is exactly what you get,  when you have Mike as your trainer.

*Anne Marie F., Mother of Two

I had been trying to lose weight for the last 8 years and was never successful. Working with Michael has given me a new perspective on how I should eat and how to exercise. At first I was a sceptical but I quickly lost 15lbs which turned me into a believer. I now have no intention of letting him go and can see myself reaching my goal of losing 40lbs. Mike is really ‘pumpy’ (i.e. high energy, great mood, always smiling, exciting, fun, etc.) and I love training with him. Also the fact that Mike is always looking for new inspiring and motivating tools to keep his clients wanting more is a huge plus. He is really knowledgeable! No matter what question I have he somehow manages to be extremely well informed on the subject. Finally, I’m not the easiest person to handle in terms of ‘moodiness’ and ‘irritability’ but every time I finish a workout with Mike I feel great! He is really patient and great with people. Try him!

*Leila Sabban , Busy Mom
He’s a great motivator and teacher. Not only did I learn how to exercise efficiently and properly but also was able to develop a healthy eating lifestyle thanks to his vast knowledge about all the wholesome foods that turn a so called “DIET” into an enjoyable feast! The results that you will get thanks to his advanced training techniques are amazing! He’s a wonderful trainer and you will be inspired by his stories as well!
*Celine Sadvoryan
I have nothing but positive things to say about Michael as a trainer. He is very knowledgeable and does a great job in sharing it with his clients. Michael is very professional and motivating. He is a dedicated trainer. It’s been a positive experience. I would and will definitely recommend him to others.
*Melany Zerbino
Ask yourself why you want to invest in a personal trainer because, in all honesty, if you think simply hiring one will make you fit you are delusional.

I’ve worked with Mike since April 2010; he has completely changed my way of eating and my outlook on EXERCISING! However, I have been dedicated to the program, followed all of his instructions and was willing to work hard to see results. Changing my body does not come easily and I have had to sweat and struggle hard.

Mike is very professional and informative. He could see that I am enthusiastic and willing to stick the program, so he’s been extremely innovative in coming up with new routines that push me to my absolute limit and I LOVE IT!

I am not overweight, but I still chose to lose 10lbs of fat and build lean muscle. For any women who are concerned about getting bulky, stop worrying – it won’t happen. On the contrary, my body has become more toned and firm.

I was someone who was timid around weights and having a trainer has shown me all of the different things I could do. It has been a huge push for me – I’ve never felt so energetic and healthy.

It is never too late to invest in one’s body for overall well-being! Our bodies are too valuable, we should take good care of them and that is where Mike comes into the picture – he takes his job seriously and makes sure we exercise to our best and in the safest manner!

Michael, thank you for challenging my body to its limit!

*Sofia M.
Michael is a patient, easygoing and reliable instructor. He motivates and encourages his clients, allowing them to exceed their expectations. He designs programs based on personal goals and provides descriptions and explanations for each exercise and muscle group being worked. He keeps an organized record of each client’s progress while ensuring his programs adhere to his clients likes/dislikes and comfort levels throughout the training. Overall an inspiring and educating experience!
*Cheryl MacWhirter
Mike is extremely dedicated to his job. He uses innovative, effective, and time-efficient techniques that provide immediate results and great boosts in energy. He structures the workouts to suit individual preferences and needs. Aside from his amazing capabilities as a trainer, he is also a great moral supporter. He motivates you to reach your goals and never give up. Mike truly cares about his clients and strives to help them reach their greatest potential. Thank you Mike for all your support and unlimited patience!
*Sabrina Bruno
Although it was tough at first, by working with Mike, I have managed to do even more than I had thought possible. His positive reinforcement, encouragement and patience helped tremendously. Over the last few months Mike has created a workout that constantly pushes me to my limits and I look forward to it every week. Mike helps work on the mental as well as the physical. He is fantastic!
*Stacey M.

Michael a beaucoup de connaissances en santé/forme physique et suit de près la recherche sur ces sujets. Il est impossible de ne pas avoir assez de temps car il a des séances d’entraînement qui peuvent complémenter l’horaire la plus chargé. La recherche démontrant de plus en plus que la nutrition est aussi importante que l’exercice physique, il s’assure qu’une partie de la séance est dédiée à la diète. 

*Patrick Desormeau, Président de Nexim Canada

It’s a pleasure for me to highly recommend Akhalia as a personal trainer. She’s a real motivator, very knowledgeable and competent. She keeps up to date with the latest proven techniques so I get maximum results in a shorter time, saving both time and money compared to other gyms I’ve tried. She relentlessly pays attention to detail, making minor corrections in my position so the targeted muscles are hit to the max. If I’m tired or lazy she has a way to get me pumped up and motivated so I’m not wasting my time. She somehow makes me proud of myself every session and I look forward to the fun workouts.

*Art Allard, Entrepreneur
Mike takes his profession seriously; he is innovative and uses an interesting technique and approach to his fitness program. His full knowledge of anatomy allows him to properly structure a program which is ideally suited to one’s needs. He is attentive, noting your exercise likes and dislikes. He does not hesitate to modify your program accordingly. In essence, there are no routines with Mike since his program is constantly evolving and changing in order to eliminate any possibility of monotony. His aim, which he accomplishes, is to have you achieve a maximum benefit utilizing a minimum of effort. This is greatly appreciated by people in my age group. Mike is definitely on top of his game.
*Charlie Albano, Owner of Construction Triad-APG Inc.

Take it from someone who’s been a life time yo yo dieter – Mike is a game changer! Gone are all the misunderstandings, misinterpretations and commercial pressures. Forget all that you know and let Mike start all over. No one is as cynical as I am, but trust me, it works! Just try it and you’ll believe too!

*Tony DiRuocco, Restaurant Owner
I have tried everything to get back into shape. Nothing worked because everything I tried was made for “everyone.” Mike brought the perfect solution: a personalized program adjusted to my own unique schedule. His understanding of the human body and all of his techniques have allowed me to get back into shape at my speed. Mike is the best by far! Nobody needs a personal trainer, but if you want results, you need Mike.
*Dany Chenail, President of Frigora Inc.
As a business owner, the most important asset I have is my time, which is why Mike’s extremely efficient workouts are so valuable to me. He is well educated and can deliver an excellent workout with minimal time investment. He utilizes leading edge techniques and results are produced very quickly with his routines. Highly recommended.
*Bruno Pompa, Owner of Airlie Auto Inc.
I started training with Mike in January 2012. He has shown me how to exercise properly and apply diverse programs for the different muscles (I never knew I had so many different muscles!). Also when he found out that I had had bypass surgery and that I had high cholesterol, he nagged me to follow his diet, just to shut him up I tried it for 6 months. Surprisingly, but not to him, my cholesterol went down 25% and I have lost 25 lbs. Plus, I now have the energy to keep up with my grandkids. Mike keep on nagging!
*Alfonso Puccio, Owner & Engineer at Construction Triad-APG Inc
I trained with Michael Boscato for the past 6 months and it was the best training I have ever done. I lost over 20 pounds and added on a lot of muscle. Michael has a very friendly attitude and is really fun to train with. He explains everything in great detail and makes sure all your lifting is done correctly to prevent injury. It is also very easy to get in contact with him and he’s always there to answer your questions. I would refer anyone to train with Michael Boscato and they will certainly achieve they’re goals.
*Marc Akkoyan, Owner of Nouvelle Asie Body Shop
Mike continuously goes above and beyond as a trainer. Not only does he provide challenging and powerful workout sessions, he is extremely resourceful. He will go the extra mile to research the best training and dieting techniques to cater to a medical condition, such as diabetes. He practically saved my life by getting me moving again, and helping me realize I could control my condition instead of allowing it to control me. I feel like a completely different person since beginning to train with him. He showed me that having an unpredictable and excessive work schedule is no excuse for not taking care of my health.
*Frank B., Entrepreneur

When I was introduced to Michael’s hands-on approach to fitness & well-being a couple of years ago, I explained to him that regular training had never been a high priority for me. But after listening to his in-depth insight on the causes of  muscular fatigue, actions I should take and beneficial food groups that one should adhere to, my mindset was changed.

I continue to train with Michael and his elegant equipment because the difference is measurable. My stamina & body strength are continuously   improving and any occasional ache and pain does not linger very long.

I do recommend to anyone interested in self health & overall fitness improvement to contact this young man and give it a try. 

My only regret is not having it done sooner…and if I may, to quote Oscar Wilde, 

“No man is rich enough to buy back his past”.

*J. T. Bruzante, Manager, Bombardier Aerospace
I would never work out this hard on my own and I am loving the results. Believe me! I wouldn’t pay for this otherwise. Without Mike I would still be contemplating change rather than living the difference. Having a personal trainer has given me the motivation to continue and taught me how time efficient it really can be.
*Jean-Claude Nahal, Branch Manager, TD Canada Trust

I am someone who always enjoyed being active. I play hockey in the winter, golf and swim in the summer. However I always found it difficult to workout on my own. I had joined a few gyms over the years with little to no success. I would workout regularly for only a couple of months and then I would get bored or unmotivated.

Training with Mike for over two years has really helped me stay committed to working out on a regular basis. I have been able to lose weight while gaining muscle and I feel great physically. He is knowledgeable, thorough and knows how to adapt the workout to my needs. 

*Chris Borrelli, Branch Manager, TD Bank Group
As much as I dislike the effort he makes me put forth I cannot deny the results it’s produced. At 65 years old I feel stronger than I was in my 40s and my arthritic knee pain is quite literally gone whereas before I could barely bend down! I hate spending money when I don’t have to but Mike is an investment worth making!
*Nate R, Retired Banker

I have known Mike since High School and he has always preached to me the importance of working out and eating well. Naturally been a teenager and all, I did not put the same importance as he did to incorporate such a healthy lifestyle at such an age. Being young and feeling invincible, I figured I would continue doing things my way. As the years went by, the more busy I was (with increasing levels of school and part-time work); the less active I was and started to put on more and more weight. I needed a turn around and quick. Luckily during my time at University, I had a few long breaks and Mike convinced me to use my time efficiently and go to the gym instead of lounging around. He showed me some of the basic stuff to get going and I have not looked back since. I have dropped 25lbs and have now kept it off for several years and look and feel the best I ever have. I was fortunate enough to have a friend with such insight and persistence to help guide me on the right track.

*Matthew Zenga, Financial Advisor at Laurentian Bank

Mike is great! He motivates you and pushes you to your limit.

He keeps coming back even though I try to avoid him! LOL

It may have something to do with the fact that I keep calling him back…

So far I’ve lost about 20lbs and my wife couldn’t be happier about it.

I still have a way to go but I’m confident that with Mike I’ll get there.

*Mike Casola, Customer Loyalty and Retention Specialist, Telus Communications Inc.
I’ve worked with NHL caliber trainers in the past so I can say from experience that Mike definitely knows what he’s doing! The workouts are short and extremely effective. His techniques are really something special! And the diet advice is incredible. I managed to lose 35lbs in less than 4 months while adding a lot of muscle mass. All of this while operating two restaurants and being a father and a husband! I totally recommend him to anyone who is serious about this.
*Rocco Anoia, Former Minor League Hockey Player and Owner of restaurant K73
As with any science or discipline, few people are true thinkers. When you hire someone to make changes to your fitness lifestyle and physique, you need a thinker – not someone who will follow whatever the latest trend may be or what the magazines suggest, but someone who can problem-solve solutions so that you get the biggest change in the shortest time possible. Most personal trainers are unable to think outside the box, to suit a client’s individuality, but with Mike’s background in advanced fitness theory and practical application, he is one of the few elite in the field. He may not be in Hollywood training the stars, but I would place my trust in his ability long before any celebrity trainer guru.
*Brian D. Johnston, Founder & Director of Education of the I.A.R.T
Simply, Michael Boscato knows his stuff and beyond. Expert in nutrition and tailor makes every training session. He ensures every rep counts! I worked hard, changed my habits, lost 30lbs and had Mike every step of the way. Glad I opted for Mike instead of those waste of time gyms! Oh and he will share his expert knowledge on so many more topics. He is my go to guy when I need a good 2nd opinion!
*Vince S, IT Director
Personally, this is the first time I can truly say I’ve spent time and money on myself before my family and it has been enlightening. With a single workout per week, I have managed to lose 20lbs and recover the stamina and strength of my 20s and 30s. Naturally, it took some changes in diet, which Mike was able to expertly guide me through. I don’t truly believe anyone can actually like training but Mike’s personality and ridiculous jokes make the time pass quickly! Thanks Mike for forcing me to change my ways!
*Dino Manzo, Electrical Engineer
Without Mike not only would I be 75 lbs heavier but I would be a lot less knowledgeable in all areas vital to living a healthy lifestyle. Not only a great trainer but a great man. To think he has a lifetime of helping people in front of him is comforting and inspiring.
*Andre Haikalis, FedEx Courrier
I’ve trained with professional strength and conditioning coaches throughout my midget and junior years of hockey. Following my hockey career, I pursued a heavy interest in weight training. Michael has exposed me to a style of training that is incomparable to others. Proper technique and form along with a healthy diet are some of the things Michael promotes. He truly understands anatomy and how to compartmentalize each muscle. He is a pro who wants to see his clientel thrive and succeed, all the while demonstrating support and always offering extra help. Great experience!
*Kirk Baldo, Millbrook Alumni Tri-Varsity Captain

*AVERTISSEMENT: Vos résultats spécifiques peuvent varier et ne sont pas garanties.

* DISCLAIMER: Your specific results may vary and are not guaranteed.