Personal Training

Have your workout completely taken care of by us in our private facility.

Save time and money by only working out with us once a week.

Avoid all wait-times at gyms, memberships, packages, supplements and commitments.

Have everything waiting for you, clean and properly set.

Never write anything down because we track it all for you.

Perform absolute personalized training where we manage all aspects of your routine. You need only show up.

Get the most out of your time and money.

Time to start.

Diet Review

Learn the difference between eating healthy and eating to support weight loss.

Know what foods are actually made of and how they compare to each other.

Understand what affects the scale both short term and long term.

See where most people go wrong and why.

Calculate the cost/benefit of diet vs exercise.

Demystify what the media promotes.

Take control over your nutrition.

Get the facts.

What do we do?

We’ll often get asked the question: “What does a personal trainer do?”

While this may not apply to all trainers, in our particular case, the simplest answer is: “We take care of everything!”

When you work with us you are literally taking out all of the mental effort in training. Short of lifting the weights for you, we manage everything so you don’t have to. The people who tell you that exercise is simple are the ones who haven’t been doing it for very long and/or who are not in the business of selling health.

Optimizing one’s physique while dealing with life’s time constraints takes much more than simply training hard. If all it took was hard work you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You’re here because hard work wasn’t enough, dedicating time felt like a waste of it, and you likely weren’t even sure what was supposed to be happening while exercising.

We know because we’ve been there. Unfortunately, most gyms don’t really care about your end results. They are assembly lines driven to get you in, have you spend as much as possible, and then move on to the next. They want you to pay for a year’s membership, buy a training package with a trainer who barely makes more than minimum wage and is often a student, sell you as many supplements as you’re willing to swallow and then hope you either repeat or never show your face again all while paying your monthly dues.

The truth is, big gyms ONLY thrive if and when more than three quarters of their members don’t show up. Think about it: most of these places have THOUSANDS of paying members and barely have 2 complete sets of dumbbells or 5 benches. Innovation Gym has nearly the same amount of useful tools and we are by appointment only, never more than 4 clients at a time.

With us, every aspect of your routine is expertly managed and optimized with respect to your needs, goals, abilities, limitations and preferences. From the necessary variation for continual progress to the balancing of your recovery resources, all will be planned and accounted for. You need only show up and be willing to work. It’s time to start.

Message to advanced trainees:

Do you doubt that our services will be of value to you?

With your experience and knowledge comes greater appreciation for truly high quality training techniques.

Try us risk free. If you’re not thoroughly impressed by us you don’t pay!

Some things to consider:

It’s important to understand the role of exercise machines and weights.

They represent a means to an end; knowing how they work is not the same as knowing what to do with them.

For example, if we give you a hammer and show you how to wield it but then ask you to build a desk or a house it’s a completely different story.

Machines and weights are tools; you need to know how to use them to reach your goals. It’s analogous to the way that a hammer can be used to tear down a deck or build a bigger one.

We have clients who used to train 12 hours per week now training less than 3 hours per week and getting better results.

We will never push you to start training because if we have to push you then we care more about your body than you do and that’s not right.

You’re busy, you have responsibilities, and you want to make exercise a part of your life but it’s hard to bring yourself to start up a program that you know will be difficult to maintain.

We can have you working on a regular schedule, training with the most time-efficient techniques and staying motivated the whole time.

We’ve worked with many people who never thought they could fit in an exercise routine. Many of which are incredibly busy entrepreneurs working 70+ hours per week. Just as they did, you can enjoy all the benefits of fitness without completely changing your lifestyle.


95% of the people who follow a diet and exercise program regain all of the weight they’ve lost and more within 5 years of starting because they restrict themselves excessively and do not exercise effectively. Don’t become a statistic.

Many people think fitness is a luxury but that could not be further from truth; fitness is a pre-requisite for everything else in life.

As long as you have your health, anything is possible.