Supplement Free

Innovation Gym has a zero supplement policy. We don’t recommend or sell any supplements purposely so that you can trust our dietary advice. We have nothing to gain from lies. We know that you do not need them to reach your fitness goals. We will never sell supplements in our gym. Too many people are convinced that supplements provide nutrients that we cannot consume in sufficient quantities from eating. In most cases this is completely false and people can get all the nutrients they need from eating a very simple whole foods diet.

In addition, the number of incidents of liver damage from dietary supplements has tripled in the last 10 years (1) . The F.D.A estimates that approximately 70% of dietary supplement companies are not even following basic quality control standards. In the case of amino acids, there has been a dogma for decades now stating that individuals who are seeking to build muscle need to ingest approximately 1g of protein for every pound they weigh. This is total BS. The majority of protein our intestines could absorb can be acquired from a healthy balanced diet and much of the amino acids in protein shakes are not absorbed by our intestines and simply create really expensive stool.



Pay As You Go

Far from needing to buy a minimum of 20 sessions in order to get a reasonable price we don’t even offer session packages. Our philosophy is pay as you go. It provides, you, the client with full flexibility to stop at any time without hesitation. Likewise, we won’t take for granted our time with you as we’re always working hard to make sure you want to come back. Additionally, you need not worry about a potential change in your schedule preventing you from keeping the same appointment time for the next 20 weeks. By not being bound to a package, if your work or home schedule becomes too hectic or changes permanently you can resume at a new time that is convenient for you when you’re ready. You should never feel like you have to train just to not lose your down payment. We know that once you’ve achieved the goals you came to us for many of your contacts will be calling us begging for the time slot you had to let go of. We’re not worried.

Only 1 Session per Week

Others may have you believe that 3-weekly sessions are required; our reputation is based on effective single sessions per week, thereby saving you time and money. One weight training session per week is more than sufficient for fat loss, health and building muscle, anything more comes with diminishing returns. Two sessions do not deliver twice the results but do cost twice the price… Please do not misinterpret this and think we are suggesting you can remain in bed the other 167 hours of the week. However, our direct work with you need not exceed 55min per week. The only two exceptions where we have to suggest a second session are when an individual is unable to do cardio activities during the week on their own or when your goal is to maximize muscle mass. In these cases doubling the number of sessions delivers a good return on investment.



Zero Intimidation

Since everyone leaves once the hour is up there can be no lingering, annoying people to intimidate you or otherwise make you feel uncomfortable. Nobody likes the guy in the corner grunting like an idiot trying to lift twice what he can handle, fortunately that guy will never be present at Innovation Gym. If somehow one of our clients behaves in a disruptive manner we’ll be sure to put a swift and polite end to it. Welcome to the nicest gym ambiance you’ve ever experienced!

Private Environment

All sessions conducted at Innovation Gym are by appointment only thus allowing for a very organized and harmonious training experience. There won’t be people walking in and out throughout the hour. You’ll never have to wait for equipment or have people judge what you’re doing. The only people there are us and our clients. You’re likely to recognize the familiar faces that show up around the same time as you and feel a sense of community.